Product Review

Motorola and Verizon DroidX = Major Fail

According to several sources, the latest Android phone from Motorola "The DroidX" available on Verizon has hardware built  in (the eFuse chip) that will brick the phone if you mess with the bootloader.
This is akin to a car manufacturer designing a car the freezes the engine if you open the hood.

The Best USB Thumb Drive

This USB thumb-drive is sweet. Basically this is just a standard thumbdrive built into metal carabiner which just makes sense.

Gratitude DVD

Gratitude is an Inspiring DVD to help promote gratitude and happiness in your life. Using a combination of stunning imagery, audio and powerful text this DVD provides you with powerful affirmation to promote gratitude in your life. Gratitude is paramount to hapiness. With so much to be greatful for, everyone should be positive and happy, but instead we live in a world of negativity and Road Rage.
This DVD helps restore the balance by bringing positive thoughts of grattitude into your life.

Abundance and Wealth DVD

Abundance and Wealth is another powerful video from This video features powerful messages to promote wealth, abundance and generosity. That last one is worth mentioning again. generosity is an important concept when it comes to promoting self wealth and abundance. The only thing stopping a lot of poeple from obtaining wealth is the feeling that they don't deserve it. If you are generous and do good things with your abundance you will know that you do deserve it and the world will be a better place for it. I really love this video.

Healthy Self DVD

Healthy Self is a Powerful DVD to promote Health.
Using powerful proven techniques like Self Affirmation, Repetition and subtle audio and visual ques this DVD helps to promote a healthy mind and body. The unique blend of audio and video elements is very stimulating and is an absolute joy to watch.
Get it now and start feeling helthier today.