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Healthy Self DVD

Healthy Self is a Powerful DVD to promote Health.
Using powerful proven techniques like Self Affirmation, Repetition and subtle audio and visual ques this DVD helps to promote a healthy mind and body. The unique blend of audio and video elements is very stimulating and is an absolute joy to watch.
Get it now and start feeling helthier today.

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This health DVD is the 2nd DVD, number “2” in the 12 part igetrealtv™ library. It runs 58 minutes. It contains 10 inspiring videos filled with the theme of healthy living; including the alignment of Body, Mind, and Spirit. It is a powerful reminder that our well-being begins with SELF.

VIDEOS: Choose, Tonight, If We Listen, HealTHY SELF, I Feel Great, What is Health?, Pool of Health, Healthy Thoughts, Within, The Mountain