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Abundance and Wealth DVD

Abundance and Wealth is another powerful video from igetrealtv.com. This video features powerful messages to promote wealth, abundance and generosity. That last one is worth mentioning again. generosity is an important concept when it comes to promoting self wealth and abundance. The only thing stopping a lot of poeple from obtaining wealth is the feeling that they don't deserve it. If you are generous and do good things with your abundance you will know that you do deserve it and the world will be a better place for it. I really love this video. There is one long sequence called pennies from heaven in which money is falling out of the sky directly at the camera. It feals as if money is literally raining on your face. I could watch this sequence all day. The music is powerful and relaxing and well timed with the visual transitions. The self affirmations are all very positive. I have no problem reading the text to myself and agreeing 100% with each statement which is key for self affirmation to work effectively.

Do you want more money in your life?
Do you want abundance and wealth in your life?
Do you want to be a happier more generous person?

Get this DVD today and begin your journey to abundance wealth and happiness.

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This abundance DVD is the 3rd DVD in the 12 part igetrealtv™ library. It runs 60 minutes.  It contains 10 videos filled with the theme of wealth and abundance.  Let this brain training tool inspire you toward abundance and awareness of your inner wealth.

VIDEOS: The One, Abundance, Feel It, I Love Money, Tune In, Worth, Light Heart, Raise The Bar, Faces, Surrender