Awesome BF3 system

Case $129.99 Motherboard $122.58

Kubuntu 10.10 Slow Wifi Connection

I was recently experiencing very slow wifi connections in Kubuntu 10.10 on my HP Pavilion dm4 with an intel wireless card. I was getting intermittent speeds from 0.3 to 1 Mps. Needless to say this was driving me nuts. After hitting the forums and verifying that this is a documented problem and reading the various solutions I installed
and linux-firmware version 1.38.6
Note: if linux-backports-modules-compat-wireless-2.6.38-generic is available install that instead.

Motorola and Verizon DroidX = Major Fail

According to several sources, the latest Android phone from Motorola "The DroidX" available on Verizon has hardware built  in (the eFuse chip) that will brick the phone if you mess with the bootloader.
This is akin to a car manufacturer designing a car the freezes the engine if you open the hood.

The Best USB Thumb Drive

This USB thumb-drive is sweet. Basically this is just a standard thumbdrive built into metal carabiner which just makes sent.

dlink emulators

I was searching for a D-Link user manual recently to help a friend configure his router and found something much better! http://support.dlink.com/Emulators/di624/ D-Link provides emulators for all of their routers that you can access via the web.

Brilliant! now why don't all router manufacturers do that?

Great News For Smokers

It wasn't all that long ago that smoking was completely socially acceptable. Back then you could smoke anywhere. Airplanes, buses, movie theaters and restaurants all encouraged their smoking patrons to light up. Slowly, As the harmful effects of second hand smoke became know, smokers started having to look for designated sections. First smoking was banned from public transportation and theaters. Some airports had designated smoking sections, plexi-glass rooms filled with smoke where you could feed your addiction before or after that long smoke free flight.

How to get Comcast PACE DTA working in Myth in Ubuntu Hardy

Comcast recently shipped me 3 Digital converter boxes to support the upcoming switch to an all Digital Signal.
Unfortunately the digital signal requires using the new digital converter boxes to change channels. This is a huge inconvenience to anyone using a 3rd party DVR as well as for anyone who recently purchased a new digital TV which features like PIP as these features are likely not to work with the new converter boxes.

Luckily for those of us running MythTV, we just need to make some minor changes to get our Home-Brew DVR work with the new converter Boxes.

Iphone and Linux

I just got a new I-Phone a couple of days ago, so I haven't had a chance to play with it to much.

I have an older G3 Mac running OSX 10.3, but primarily run Linux. I also have a desktop running Windows XP, but primarily use that as a dumb client and login to my Linux systems via NX from http://www.nomachine.com.