Gary and Mike

Eternal Life without privacy

David and I discuss the huge scientific breakthrough by Synthetic Genomics the creation of life from synthesized DNA. That and of course Facebook Privacy.

Social Bikini Wax

Another off-topic podcast

Texas Judge Rules Microsoft can't sell Word

Little People of America

Human DogFood

Sexy People

Life Saver Bottle

How To Guide: Waxing Bikini Area

Tonradoes and Little People

Another "Off Topic" Episode with Jessica, Mathew, Steve and myself.
In this episode we talk about:

Non-Tech Oly Fun

This is a mostly non-tech episode with Jessica and David um I mean Michael.
In this episode we touch on many different subjects such as.
The egg festival in Winlock, WA,_Washington

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show / Gorgeous Tiny Ep1: Lick Poop


CSA - Crop Share Agreement

Michael Jackson

Sahara's Gourmet pizza

Next podcast

Next Podcast will cover:

My Witch Board told me to run Linux

Rick Joins in on this podcast. We discuss his I-Phone Ouija Board app and then Geek out for a while on lots of interesting topics.
Finally we come full circle to discuss another awesome app called NetBrowser.

Curing Ensomnia Everywhere!

The Episode that promises to put you to sleep.

Tar backup is not the pits

David and I discuss all kinds of stuff such as:

  • How to batch convert mac audio files to mp3
  • Computer viruses affecting humans
  • Robo target practice
  • Hulu and Boxee

  • my first garage band recording

    My first garage band recording - just for fun. I am going to move this to a different podcast once I set it up. I think a separate podcast for jam sessions makes sense.


    How to secure your wifi router using WPA.