Google gets search wrong in Chrome


Does anyone else think that is funny that Firefox has way better search capabilities than that of Search engine giant Google's Chrome?

I am sure this will get fixed. Google does have some really nifty search features like hashmarks along the scrollbar allowing you to see all matches at a glance. This is similar to most diff and merge applications, but Chrome doesn't seem to be able to search in form fields. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Chrome deosn't search form fields, what gives

As a developer I am constantly searching form contents. I often throw generated code into forms for easy copy & paste and usually that auto generated data contains large data dumps that I search often. Currently I think this is my biggest gripe with Chrome, and very ironic don't you think

And here are a few other areas where I think Chrome falls short.

  1. Pluggins - Yeah, I know it is brand new. But firefox, konqueror or safari plugin support would be nice. Or they could have ponied up some prize money to the dev community so there would be plugins at launch like they did with Andriod.
  2. No Linux Client - Yeah, I know it is coming, but common you are using webkit. That said, at least you admit that you are building your browser on top of the best framework out there instead of trying to hide it like Apple. So kudos to google for a good framework decision and for openly promoting the fact that Chrome is built on WebKit - power to KDE.
    Notice I am not bitching about no Mac client. Apple doesn't advertise the fact that Safari is based on WebKit, so how could they have known - lol.
    Really, goto All hype and no mention of the true reason it shines which is because it is based on WebKit. Even the Safari In Depth .pdf with the tagline "Peek Under The Hood" makes no mention of the open source code that Safari is based on.
    Now look at see the mention that everything is open source? Now goto and there it is WebKit. Sweet.
  3. Toolbar management - Firefox does a really nice Job with the drag and drop toolbar editor. KDE does a nice job as well in Konqueror although it is more advanced and therefore a little less user friendly, but way more powerfull. In Chrome there is nothing. Well, that is easy to use all right, but personally I like KDE's logic of hide the advanced stuff so novices only see the simple stuff but have the advanced stuff there for people that like to tweak things.
  4. DropDown Search Plugins - Yes, I know there is the add search thing, and that different searches are automatically recomended as I type, but if I want to search wikipedia I want to search wikipedia. If wikipedia doesn't undestand what I am looking for it will make suggestions. The sugestion dropdown as I type thingy is kind of annoying and rarely gives me the option I want. Please give us the option to have a standard search dropdown like Firefox.
  5. AutoComplete - Auto complete is nice, but enter shouldn't autocomplete. I constantly goto type in my router and the autocomplete will goto the last internal ip I visited such as So I type in and hit enter and ... doh! I am at which is not what I wanted, and not what I typed. Do what I say not what you think I mean. Unless I am confused, then do what I mean not what I say.

All that being said, I already prefer Chrome to FireFox for casual browsing. Especially for Pandora and other apps.

(Thanks to everyone who comments)

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Google gets search wrong in Chrome

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Google gets search wrong in Chrome

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