How to build and install plugins for kdevelop

Partially taken from: http://flowersopenlab.weebly.com/4/post/2011/11/building-and-adding-mercurial-plugin-to-kdevelop.html
Thank you for the information. The font is a little hard to read though. That said I was beating my head against the wall until I found your post.

Kdevelop is a great IDE for C, C++, PHP, Python as well as many other languages. Kdevelop uses kdetext so it includes all of the syntax highlighting support that kate does.
If you used quanta plus in the past, the new KDE4 version is essentially kdevelop with php support and some additional plugins.

Install kdevelop

KD3 Fatal error during recording:input/output - Fixed

I recently purchased a Lite-On IHBS112-04 12X Internal Blu-ray Writer from Amazon. After installing the dive I booted into Linux (Kubuntu 12.04 LTS) and tried to burn a blue ray disc using K3b. K3B recognized the drive and the blue ray media no problem so I proceeded to burn some system backups to a new data project as a test. Everything went fine until the very end. After reaching 99% I would get the following error: KD3 Fatal error during recording:input/output So I tried to burn the same project again at a lower speed. Same thing.

How to Create Debian .deb packages from Tar .tgz files in Linux

Please watch the video for the full tutorial. Basically all you have to do is this.

KDE3 to KDE4 the 3 things I'm still missing

KDE 4 is shaping up nicely and I must admit that the look and feel is great. After using it for a while however there are still several things missing that are keeping me on the fence regarding running KDE 4 vs the KDE 3.5 backports in Kubuntu 10.04.

Kubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 2 ATI Radeon HD 4200 Fix

The ati fglrx driver is still not working for my Radeon HD 4200.
I am sure I can get it working as I did before using alternative drivers, but preffer to test and report bugs to try to help get the official driver working.

Without any driver the card works great in kubuntu 10.04 with the exception of 3d rendering being slow. All of the composite effect work great.
Unfortunately after I install the driver the desktop will not load even after I un-install the driver.

Kubuntu 10.04 - aka Lucid Beta 1

The first beta of the next Kubuntu Long Term service release is out.
I have been running the development release candidates on one of my entertainment computers for a while now and unfortunately for me the upgrade was not so smooth. Ok, it was a disaster, but only because I was running a bunch of backports and had other non-supported ppa repositories for various hardware reasons.

After a backup and full re-install averything went smooth as silk.

Automate KDE with DCOP and PERL

One of the great things about KDE is that it makes heavy use of DCOP.

kdesvn and kompare

My kdesvn and kompare now work together in perfect harmony ... Finally! kdesvn is a really great gui svn tool for KDE, but it doesn't play nice with kompare by default. Kompare is a really great gui diff app for kde.

The problem is that although kdesvn comes preconfigured to use kompare as an external diff tool, the default is to pass both revisions in as stadard input, so kompare doesn't know where to save the merge file when you are done. I have been living with this for a while now just using the command line, but it was really bugging me for a couple of reasons.

Control KDE applications from a terminal with dcop and kdcop

Ever want to shutdown a KDE application so that it goes through the normal shutdown procedure? Ever want to talk to an application from a script? Enter dcop and kdcop. dcop is a interface that lets you talk to KDE applications from the command line. kdcop is a nice gui interface to query kde's dcop server and see what commands are available for any running appications.

10 reasons to use KDE

Personally I love KDE, but admit that all the bells and whistles take some getting used to. If you are a Windows user you will feel much more at home in kde than gnome. The default KDE desktop looks very much like Windows with the taskbar on the bottom, a start menu on the left of the taskbar and the clock in the right of the taskbar, but don't be misled KDE is not Windows. Before getting into to many details, here are the features of KDE that make it my desktop of choice.