MSNBC 2008 Olympics coverage the worst ever

The 2008 Olympics coverage by MSNBC has been the worst ever.
First, the line-ups are horrible. Instead of one or two like events you get  5 hour blocks of 5 totally different events. Even worse is that during that 5 hours half of it is repeat and filler of what you just watched as well as repeat from previous events, not to mention all of the commercials. Several times the commercials cut into the live event. Imagine comming back from commercial for opening kickoff of the Super Bowl to find not only did you miss the kickoff, but the score is 7 to 14. Yeah, MSNBC should be banned from covering the Olympics. Actually the Olypics should be covered using an NFL like format. If you want to cover what happened yesterday and what is about to come, do it during a pregame show and have that on the channel guide. 11:30 - 11:00 womans gymnastics recap 11:00 - 12:00 womans gymnastics etc.

I am also amazed but not surprised that MSNBC chose Silverlight instead of Flash to provide video streams on their website. Flash is on most handheld devices and runs on all platforms including Linux. Silverlight is buggy on Windoze and isn't available on most handhelds or any OS except Mac an Windows. If you really want to do it right provide Video and Audio RSS feeds in standard formats like MP4 and then everyone would be happy and all of that advertising would reach a larger and more appreciative audiance. With the coverage as bad as it was, advertisers should have payed MSNBC not to run  their ads. Which add was it again that made me miss that, remind me never to buy that again!

Fox, please please please cover the next Olympics.