Boycott Chrome and Safari

I am so sick of derivative works not supporting their native platform.
Safari and Chrome both use WebKit which started as KHTML and was developed by the awesome KDE team.
Taken from "WebKit's HTML and JavaScript code began as a branch of the KHTML and KJS libraries from KDE."

So why is neither browser available in Linux. The only reason they can support Windows is because KDE ported everything to QT4 which supports windows. Leaving Linux out when you are stealing code from Linux projects is Lame. You can't do that with Windoes or Apple code because they are closed source. Linux being wonderfully open and free allows this. It is really frustrating that commercial entities can do this and not contribute back. By contributing back I mean create a Linux build. Linux is open and can be virtualized on any platform so it isn't like you have to buy a Linux box like you would to compile for OSX.

Yes this is a rant, and yes there are open source projects picking up the slack so that you can run both browsers on Linux. I just think there should be a new Open Source License. GNU-ScrewYou or GNU-Mirror where you are free to use the code and make derivative works, but you have to charge for it on proprietary platforms, and you must provide the source code and it must compile on open platforms or you must provide a binary for open platforms that the original project provides binaries for. This might sound like a lot, but most projects have build systems and since you can virtualize the open platforms it really wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Yes, I said it.
IF WebKit used such a license, then you would have to pay that project a royalty everytime you distribute a derivative work based on that project on a proprietary system. So apple would have to charge for safari and apple would have to pay BSD for their kernel.

Gimp on Windows would not be free.
All of the money would help support the project, and if you want to run it for free then you simply switch to an open platform like Linux or BSD.