my first garage band recording

My first garage band recording - just for fun. I am going to move this to a different podcast once I set it up. I think a separate podcast for jam sessions makes sense.

lonely.mp32.62 MB
(Thanks to everyone who comments)


my first garage band recording

Nice to hear your first garage band recording. It is always best to try the things that we did not do in our past life to see how we can do it. I was reading a post here about it and if the people are getting help from it we must share it with them. So keep sharing the best ideas you got from your work.

thanks nice blog

Notice the las two commented

Notice the las two commented lines.


Not bad for an amateur. Sign up the dog!!! (We love Tyler).


Yeah I think Tyler stole the show. I just messing around with garage band. This was recorded via the built in mike on a mac book with no special hardware.

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