1. If any, copy of the registration allowed U/s 12a or replicate of cautioning provided U/s 10(23) or 12 (23c).
2. A note on the exercises of the establishment throughout the previous three years.
3. Copy of the examined records for the Past 3 years.
4. Memorandum and Rules & Regulations.
5. Copy of the enrollment Certification from the general public. After tameness of your application.

It is frequently polish that after lodging of the above structure with the Commissioner of Income Tax, the structure is sent by him to your Assessing Officer. After tameness of such evaluation report, a request is accepted by the Commissioner providing the enlistment U/s 80g. In the occasion that, the Income Tax Authority chooses not to permit registration of your Society a notice will certainly be sent out showing the purpose of the division and on receipt of which you can send your remarks or protests.

This registration is routinely thought about a time of 2 to 3 years. It has actually been additional considered that the chief will certainly choose his selections in 6 months of the tameness of use.80g


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